#WomenSupportingWomen is more than a hashtag

We believe that #WomenSupportingWomen is more than a hashtag

We believe in women having an equal shot in this life as men

We believe in doing the right thing, even when it’s hard, or will make some people not like you

We believe in living with authenticity & compassion at all costs

We believe that no act of kindness is too small to make a difference

We believe it is essential for women to have the right to choose what the eff happens with their bodies.


What we are about to say is going to lose us customers. What we are about to say is going to lose us followers. But what we hope, is that we are about to say encourages other people and businesses to speak out for what they believe to be right, regardless.


The brave spirit of women sharing their stories of how the right to choose saved their mental or physical health made us look inward at how we, as a brand, decide to move forward in this moment. We wish we didn’t have to have this conversation. That we weren’t in this situation. Just like no woman would ever want to be in a situation in which making this choice is necessary. A choice that no one else, not knowing her situation, could possibly make for her.


We founded CAKES to create solutions for women while supporting women’s health causes. It would be impossible for us to sit idly by while women’s fundamental right to choose is threatened. CAKES will be doubling our donation to women’s health for the rest of this month so that we can continue donating $1 per product to support the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester, as we have since day 1, along with $1 per product to support the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Our ambitions are to continue growing CAKES with women who share our vision of creating solutions for women while supporting women’s health causes to have an even greater impact on women. There may be people who say “can’t you give more?” and that is a fair question. There is always the feeling that we can do more, and that can be crippling and lead to inaction. Our goal is to give as much as we can as a small business, while continuing to grow our business so we can STAY in business and do more good through it. As of now, Casey & I have not taken a dollar out of CAKES for our own “pay check” and don’t plan to for the foreseeable future.

We are open to hearing other women’s points of view on why abortion is not the right choice for you as an individual. When it comes to your point of view on why abortion is not the right choice for a woman you have never met, and whose situation you know nothing of, we will kindly ask you to reconsider, knowing the statistics show that it is very likely, almost certain, that someone you love has needed to make this heartbreaking choice. 


Stay well. 



Taylor & Casey



The Center for Reproductive Rights (reproductiverights.org) is a legal advocacy organization dedicated to advancing reproductive rights. The organization litigates in federal and state courts and advocates for laws and policies to ensure reproductive rights and health services are available across the country.


Learn more & donate at ReproductiveRights.org

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