FAQ about CAKES Covers

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What are CAKES?

CAKES are the first grippy, not sticky, inserts designed for workout, lounge, and swim. They adhere naturally with your body's heat under any snug fitting top. There are no irritating adhesives!


What are CAKES made of?

CAKES are made out of 100% medical grade silicone, with no irritating adhesives. Silicone is naturally non-toxic and hypo-allergenic material.

CAKES also go through third party toxicity testing to ensure they are super safe, and gentle on your skin.

Do CAKES stay on through water or sweat?

Absolutely! CAKES were originally designed for times you may be sweating or in water, like at the gym or at the pool. CAKES are grippy, not sticky, and don't use any irritating adhesives. CAKES will stay in place under any form fitting top!

Are CAKES reusable?

We like to say, use them until you lose them! CAKES are designed to be worn again and again. After use, simply hand wash with a gentle soap and warm water, and pat dry. If you feel you need a deeper clean after a sweat sesh, you can let CAKES soak in warm water.

What CAKES should I wear?

CAKES Itty Bitty are 8cm in diameter, and work best for those with AA-A cups.

Our CAKES OG are 10cm in diameter, and work best for those who wear B-DD.

CAKES (+) are 13cm in diameter, and work best for those who wear DDD+, or DD who prefer even more coverage!

In the event your selected CAKES size doesn't work out, please see our no-fuss return policy, linked here.

What Color CAKES should I get?

CAKES currently come in three colors. Our light shade is Honey, our medium shade is Caramel, and our Deep shade is Cocoa.

How do I use CAKES?

You simply remove your old inserts (if they didn't fall out already!), place CAKES directly on the skin under any snug-fitting top, and live your life!

Can I wear CAKES with a swimsuit?

Yes! CAKES can be worn any time you need extra coverage, whether you're working out, in a swimsuit, or lounging in comfy clothes and don't feel like wearing a bra.

If you'll be submerging fully in water, we recommend placing CAKES in the slits that the pads typically go in. Otherwise, pop CAKES directly on the skin.

CAKES Size Chart

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FAQ No BS Collection

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What is the No BS Collection?

The No BS Collection is composed of 3 meticulously crafted Tuck-in Tops that were designed to give you that super-sleek, flattering look of a bodysuit, without the BS of the snaps.

This collection is composed with our ultra comfy-contour fabric & a built-in power mesh shelf bra for support, so every day can be a no bra day. Simply tuck this long-line shirt into your favorite jeans or leggings. You’ll look like you’re wearing a bodysuit, but better. We don’t know how we ever lived without it!

How do I know what size is right for me?

Please check our size guide here to help determine what would fit you best! If you are between sizes and don’t like a snug fit, we recommend sizing up.

Size Chart

Can I wear Cakes covers with these?

Absolutely! We highly recommend pairing your CAKES with our No BS tops for seamless coverage and max comfort. Let’s make every day a no bra day!

Do I need to wear a bra under my No BS tops?

Nope! Our No BS tops were designed with a built in power mesh shelf bra for perky support and coverage. We recommend adding our CAKES nipple covers for extra coverage!

Are the No BS tops a bodysuit?

While our No BS tops are not a bodysuit, they were designed to have all the benefits of one (sleek & flattering fit) but without the hassle of the snaps!

FAQ about Lounge Layer Bralette

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What is the Lounge Layer Bralette?

The next best thing to a no bra day. Every detail of this bralette was intentionally crafted to be the most comfortable lounge layer of our dreams to pair with (or without) our CAKES, not to provide support.Easily step in and out and experience all day and night comfort in the soft, buttery fabric that stretches with you.

  • This style was intentionally designed to gently skim the body for ultimate comfort, stretch, and breathability, not to provide support or lift. 
  • Step-in friendly 
  • Dig-free bottom band free of elastic to prevent pinching around the ribs
  • No irritating internal tags (screen printed label)

What does "Lounge Layer" mean?

We designed the Lounge Layer Bralette for ultimate comfort while doing no to low impact activities - while offering minimal restrictions and support. Its stretchy, buttery-soft fabric is the perfect vessel to hold your CAKES in place under loose fitting clothes, so you still feel free as a bird.

How does the Lounge Layer Bralette feel when wearing it?

The Lounge Layer Bralette was designed to be step-in friendly (2x stretch) and has a dig-free bottom band free of elastic to prevent pinching around the ribs (made out of a double layer of our weightless fabric for ultimate flexibility). It provides minimal support and helps with breathability - won’t restrict your lungs or feel tight around even the most sensitive skin. It's made of silky soft (think no-show underwear) fabric – light and breathable - you may forget you’re even wearing it.

When would I wear my Lounge Layer Bralette?

Our Lounge Layer Bralette is the perfect base layer when you don’t want to wear a full blown bra but need something to hold your CAKES in – aka when the mailman is at the door, your in laws are over, etc. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Lounge Layer Bralette Size Chart