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Gone are the days of NFO (Nipple Freak Out), bunchy sports bra pads, and uncomfortable bras.

Say Hello to CAKES.

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Women are at the heart of our brand, so from day one, we have been donating $1/order sold to support women's health causes through the Breast Cancer Coalition & The Previvor.


From Our Girls

  • "I don't understand the magic, but WOW I am so thankful to have found these. They are so durable, and the best part is they don't leave that sticky layer feeling!"

    - Jasmine

  • "If Oprah doesn't make this one of her favorite things, there is no justice in the world. This is a for-real game changer."

    - Alexandria

  • "Doesn't show lines through a shirt. Just what I was looking for! It feels like nothing is on."

    - Payton

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  • Rinse & Reuse

    CAKES are washable and reusable, so you can use them 'til you lose them. Simply rinse your CAKES in warm water and wash with a gentle soap after use, and either let them air dry, or pat dry. Good as new!

  • Over 2x the Size of Standard Nipple Covers

    Our original CAKES were already 2x larger than other nipple covers on the market, but our new CAKES (+) are officially the largest silicone covers on the market. The seamless design of CAKES provides coverage and shape, without sacrificing comfort.

  • Grippy, Not Sticky

    Made with 100% medical-grade silicone, CAKES adhere to your body using your natural body heat - not irritating adhesives. Rest assured knowing that you'll be just as comfortable after a day of wearing CAKES as you were before you even put them on.

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Get to know the heart and soul of CAKES - our community! From our Hype Girl ambassadors, to our support of women’s health causes, we are grateful to be surrounded by incredible women living with contagious confidence & bold spirits.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15771 reviews
CAKES covers
Emily Benson


CAKES covers
Kelly Rodriguez-Cowan

They fit perfectly. No slipping, and you can’t see them through a shirt. I even fell asleep in them and didn’t even notice. Love Cakes!


Honestly..AMAZING!!! They are fabulous and I can’t be without them. Just purchase them, you won’t regret it! Thank you for making such a wonderful and needed product!

CAKES covers
Competitive dancer approved!

I wore these for my dance competition and they stayed on for hip hop, jazz, lyrical and tap. Amazing product!

CAKES covers
Alyxandrea Skare
I love them, but..

I didn’t think that these would be as amazing as they are, but I am on my third or fourth day and cannot help but absolutely love them. I love that they don’t really get dirty with fur or stray hairs, and that they’re not painful to take off. And to boot, they are so seamless. I really love Everything about them. Unfortunately, I should’ve gotten a larger size. It has nothing to do with your sizing and more to do with me having had reconstruction, so my breast hang a little differently and I’m still learning what looks right. The larger size would have been ideal, so I know that for next time! That aside Cakes are incredible. I’m so glad I bit the bullet after coming across your ads for several months. Great product! 🫶🏼

CAKES covers
Rebekah Peraza

Love these! They stick so well I was so tired of adhesive aggravating my skin

great option for tops that are difficult to wear a bra with

I was very happy with the performance of this product. I wore it with a racerback shirt and they stayed on in hot weather and they had excellent nipple coverage. Very easy to apply.

Love them!

I’ve only worn them a couple of times, but, so far so good. They stay in place like they should.

CAKES covers
Worth the hype!

I had friends recommend these to me and they really came through. They’re very comfortable and you can’t tell I’m wearing them.

CAKES covers
Eileen Rodriguez
Cakes is Legit

I purchased neats (another brand) and cakes around the same time and although cakes took a little longer to get to me it was well worth the wait (high demand, no wonder). I am a Double D girl and hate having to wear a bra. I love love love the fact that there is no adhesive that sticks to the skin just your own body heat.

CAKES covers
Christy Haselton
You have Options!

Love, I’m small busted, and at 64 I was just tired of bra’s. I bought a bigger size than needed because I wanted the Cakes to cover the majority of by breast not just the nipple (and it does, perfectly). I’ve worn them with T-shirts, blouses and it feels fantastic not to deal with a bra. The silicone adheres easily and stays in place! I highly recommend.

Lounge Layer Bralette

CAKES covers
Otilia Bretan
grippy not sticky

LOVE the cakes covers. They are not sticky but grip well. So easy to use and comfortable.

CAKES covers

CAKES covers
Jamelyn Gillespie
They really work!

I wore Cakes at a theme park to test them out and they really work! I will say it helps a little to have them be slightly wet. If that is from sweat or just putting a few drops on water on them before putting them on then that really helps them from moving. My skin did get a little irritated around the edges of the cakes but I think that’s mainly because I had them in for like 12 hours.

Really love these!!

I just bought my second pair of cakes, just so I have double (for travel, etc.). I absolutely love these, they are a game changer. They look great under tank tops, workout sport bras and even tube tops with the summer weather here. The material is buttery soft and they stay put without any stickiness at all. They keep their shape, don't change color and always look brand new. I feel like I waited a long time for this perfect solution, thank you Cakes!

CAKES covers
Carline Sreboth
Full circle cakes

I’ve worn 1x only with an offf the shoulder dress that was not tight to the chest so I worried the cake might slip off, but it stayed. U might have looked a little weird touching my breast all the time to check though!

CAKES covers
Kandie F.

Love these!! I am finally able to wear racerbacks and the like without the cumbersome bra!!! Sometimes I forget they are

Pretty Good

I love that they're not sticky, but you do need a tighter shirt to make them hold. After they're 'stuck' on to you, they don't move. That said, I think the color is a bit dark for my skin tone, and I CAN see their outline through my shirts, so coverage isn't as great as Nippies.

CAKES covers
marie Hallengren

love them!!!!

CAKES covers
Will never wear a bra again!

These pasties have retired my bra! They tapper at the end perfectly so you can’t see the pastie outline like traditional pasties. It even worked under a super tight top. And is thick enough in the center to completely hide my nipple piercings. It takes a moment to warm to the skin but once it does it does not fall off or move even when sweaty !

CAKES covers
Jennifer Cherry
Like they are not even there!

I forgot I had them on! Silky smooth, held in place. No bumps or crinkly edges!
Will be getting the triangle shape too!

CAKES covers
Diana Noyes
Way better than the rest

The color is prefect and they are super smooth & have a nice feel to them.
I have tried other brands and Cakes are so much better! They are not sticky or rubbery and they fit correctly.

CAKES covers
Audrey Seck

I bought cakes after seeing them all over tiktok and was skeptical. The really only work under really tight tops which is fine but otherwise they slip a little. Overall happy with my purchase but will only use them for under tight tops.

Great product!

What I love best is that they are reusable and provide great coverage. Simple to use and easy to clean also.