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Gone are the days of NFO (Nipple Freak Out), bunchy sports bra pads, and uncomfortable bras.

Say Hello to CAKES.

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Women are at the heart of our brand, so from day one, we have been donating $1/order sold to support women's health causes through the Breast Cancer Coalition & The Previvor.


From Our Girls

  • "I don't understand the magic, but WOW I am so thankful to have found these. They are so durable, and the best part is they don't leave that sticky layer feeling!"

    - Jasmine

  • "If Oprah doesn't make this one of her favorite things, there is no justice in the world. This is a for-real game changer."

    - Alexandria

  • "Doesn't show lines through a shirt. Just what I was looking for! It feels like nothing is on."

    - Payton

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  • Rinse & Reuse

    CAKES are washable and reusable, so you can use them 'til you lose them. Simply rinse your CAKES in warm water and wash with a gentle soap after use, and either let them air dry, or pat dry. Good as new!

  • Over 2x the Size of Standard Nipple Covers

    Our original CAKES were already 2x larger than other nipple covers on the market, but our new CAKES (+) are officially the largest silicone covers on the market. The seamless design of CAKES provides coverage and shape, without sacrificing comfort.

  • Grippy, Not Sticky

    Made with 100% medical-grade silicone, CAKES adhere to your body using your natural body heat - not irritating adhesives. Rest assured knowing that you'll be just as comfortable after a day of wearing CAKES as you were before you even put them on.

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Get to know the heart and soul of CAKES - our community! From our Hype Girl ambassadors, to our support of women’s health causes, we are grateful to be surrounded by incredible women living with contagious confidence & bold spirits.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16590 reviews

Worked great for my spaghetti stap sundress! I have tried so many different products and the CAKES take the cake!

CAKES covers
Dani Vialpando

i loved that i felt comfortable wearing a thin white top and my nips were not stairing back at wondering eyes, but it was a very sweaty day and they i had to reajust them a few times.
im a little worried about going dancing with them

CAKES covers
Lacey Grewe
Wardrobe staple!

As a breast feeding momma, these are a game changer for me!

Best. Nipple Covers. Ever.

I have always had a section in my closet full of shirts I would never wear because every nipple cover and sticky bra looked ridiculous on me. Cakes is the only product I have ever used that makes me feel comfortable in my own clothes. The look is natural, you can have the confidence to dance the night away without feeling them peel off, and the cleaning process is a breeze. I won’t ever be going back to another brand!

CAKES covers
It’s okay, expected more

The nipple covers stay on very well, however they are thinner and smaller than I was expected. I am a 36/D and ordered accordingly, but found them to be too small, just like the other cheap ones I currently have.


Finally, something that works and is comfortable! So sleek and slim I don’t even remember I’m wearing them. They work great and hide what I need them to. I even wear them under my sports bras…finally no embarrassing nipples peeking out in the gym!!

CAKES covers
Sara Gill

I got the small ones. They’re AMAZING. If worn under snug fitting clothing they’re PERFECT. I’m SO happy I don’t need to keep buying adhesive-based products!!!!

CAKES covers
Julie P.
Love them!

Wish I would have purchased them sooner.

CAKES covers
Marcy Z.
Stays in place!

I've only worn them once so far but I quickly learned that a light support tank will keep them where they're supposed to be. I don't expect them to stay with a baggy or loose fitting shirt or dress. They are comfortable and I didn't have to pay too much attention to my chest throughout the day.

Seamless and amazing

The hype is real! Cakes are grippy and stay on in warm weather and are so comfortable. They are a great alternative to bras or are a perfect addition! Highly recommend.

CAKES covers
Alice Manhart
Good coverage

The Cakes offer great coverage and a nice level of stickiness. My only complaint is the rigidity. There is a bit of unnatural stiffness - more so than just a padded bra.

Exactly as advertised

Does exactly what it promises. Stays on great.

CAKES covers
Karessa Rickman
they’re pretty rad

i was hesitant, but these are honestly great! i love them.

CAKES covers
Ashley White

CAKES covers

CAKES covers
Jenna K
So Great!

These have been so great in the 90° heat with a light weight bralette! When they get sweaty, just pop them out dry them off and you are back to dry comfort in 30 seconds. I wish I had bought them sooner! For reference, I am a size AA and the smallest ones are an awesome fit. I was skeptical because I have pre-teen size boos after nursing 5 babies but these are the kittens whiskers for sure! I've already recommended to a friend who loves them as well!

CAKES covers
Piper Sineni
CAKES Covers

I love my cakes!! They are comfortable, light weight, and very grippy. They don’t fall off nor lose their grip and others can’t even tell you’re wearing them. I would 100% buy again and recommend to friends!

CAKES covers
Kayla Kelley
Love them!

They definitely live up to the hype! Worth every penny

CAKES covers
Victoria Piff
Cake covers

Love the way they fit! Super happy they aren’t sticky!



CAKES covers
Caitlin Tatum
Best. Covers. Ever.

I don’t write reviews but holy smokes, I’m blown away. I’ve never had nipple covers that actually worked. I bought these for my beach vacay in July for some open back tops. I sweat a lot, and they didn’t budge. Even wore them under flowy tops. WELL worth their price. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.

CAKES covers
Cristie Struck
Great product

It’s summertime and it’s hot but these cakes stay where they’re supposed to without sliding off my body or needing readjusting.

CAKES covers
Molly Mottram
Cakes OG

Love these, just wish I got the smaller size! Will reorder soon!

CAKES covers
Pauly Bernard
I really wanted to love these

I'm giving a 3 because I loved them but they just aren't for me. They are comfortable, shaped perfectly without bra. They didn't move or fall off on a 90 degree day outside all day...

But once I took them off I had a terrible rash. I think it's more of a me thing than a product issue. I have very sensitive skin.

I really wish these would have worked for me. Great in every other aspect.

CAKES covers
Diane Clark
Great coverage

Stay put and do the job!

CAKES covers
nikki hetrick

Not hot or sticky, feels like I have nothing on and hard to notice under clothes