$1/product sold supports women's health causes <3


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What color / size CAKES should I get? 

Check out our fit & color guide here



We started CAKES body because we wanted to feel more confident during workouts (and post workout brunches). Our first product, CAKES, has been called "life changing" when it comes to combatting NFO (Nipple Freak Out) in workout and swim tops. 


What are CAKES? 

CAKES are the first reusable, washable, non-adhesive silicone inserts designed specifically for workout tops, lounge, and swimwear. Our design is about twice the size of a standard nipple cover or nipple pastie and the non-adhesive silicone allows you to wash and reuse literally hundreds of times. Although there isn't any of that gross, irritating adhesive, the silicone binds naturally to the skin with body heat under any snug fitting top or sports bra. 


CAKES & Women's Health

We have been committed to supporting women's health initiatives from our inception. We donate $1 from every pair of CAKES sold to women's health organizations (currently donating to Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester). 


How do I use CAKES? 

You simply remove your old inserts (if they didn't fall out already), place CAKES directly on the skin under any snug-fitting top, & live your life! 


How do I wash CAKES? 

As needed, wash with soap & water. Pat dry & return to carrying case. 


What material are CAKES made out of? 

CAKES are made out of high quality, non-adhesive silicone that adheres naturally to body heat. The shape & size are designed to seamlessly give coverage under workout tops, bodysuits & bras.


Can you wear CAKES in a swimsuit? 

Yes- CAKES can be worn anytime you need extra coverage, whether you're working out, in a swimsuit, or lounging in comfy clothes and don't feel like wearing a real bra. If you will be submerging fully in water, we recommend placing CAKES in the slits the pads typically go in. Otherwise, pop them directly on the skin. 


What should I do with my old crumpled pads now that I have CAKES? 

We encourage you to recycle your unused fabric inserts through your local textile recycling program. If you don’t have one, or aren’t sure if you do, please reach out to us for a pre-paid shipping label to send these bad boys our way and we will ensure the pads get washed & recycled appropriately.


How do I contact you? 

email contact@CAKESbody.com