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If you’re here, you probably saw us dancing around TikTok, or one of our Hype Girls preaching the good word. Either way, we couldn’t be more excited that we are connected.

This is us, Taylor & Casey. You can tell we had a flair for fashion at an early age. 



We hated the pads in our sports bras. We hated Nipple Freak Out™ even more. We designed a solution, called CAKES, that went viral. CAKES are the first non-adhesive silicone nipple covers designed for workout and swim tops (patent pending).

CAKES nipple covers


Apparently, we weren’t alone in our struggle with NFO. Early on, we heard from breast feeding mothers, women going through menopause, and even mastectomy and lumpectomy patients, that CAKES made them feel good in their clothes… wow. Our customers weren’t just using CAKES in their workout clothes, but as a solution throughout their day. 

Our bodies, and what they experience, are so unique, and there are many gaps that the current lingerie market just isn’t solving for. We are now on a mission to create solutions that make women feel incredible, while supporting women’s health causes.

In other words, we want to do what SPANX did for butts, but for our boobs.

Thanks to a community of women living with contagious confidence & bold spirits who are rallying around CAKES, we are just getting started.

CAKES hype girls


From Day 1, we have donated $1/pair of CAKES to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester to support both advocacy and research. Little did we know, may women going through reconstruction surgeries following breast cancer would be calling CAKES “life-changing.”

This blew us away and opened our eyes to the lack of comfortable, empowering solutions available to the breast cancer community. These women and their feedback set us down the path of phase 2 product development, beginning with CAKES+, the largest nipple cover on the market, which will provide unparalleled coverage that is comfortable on even the most sensitive skin.

CAKES CAUSES & Breast Cancer Research Imagery


We want to introduce ourselves, but don’t want to make this all about us. You can always get a hold of us in our DM’s or via email ( if you ever want to say hi, have feedback, or ideas.


Taylor & Casey

Taylor & Casey Shipping Orders
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