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We founded CAKES in response to a seemingly silly problem. We hated the pads in our sports bras. We hated Nipple Freak Out™ even more.  We designed a solution, called CAKES, that went viral. Our first product, CAKES, is the first non-adhesive silicone insert designed for workout and swim tops (patent pending). Little did we know, women in the breast cancer community would become our biggest inspiration – they shared that the larger size, gentle, medical-grade silicone, and lack of adhesives, made CAKES their go-to post-mastectomies and reconstruction to gently smooth out scarring and puckered skin. From day 1, we have donated $1/pair to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester to support breast & gynecological cancer research. We are continuing to learn from our inspiring customers as we develop new solutions we hope can bring even a little bit of ease to their journeys.  

"I’ve tried wearing the sticky nipple covers before, but my skin is so sensitive from my radiation treatments that it would leave little blisters. With CAKES, not anymore"

Breast Cancer Survivor


CAKES body is a female-founded brand dedicated to creating alternatives to the traditional bra that make women feel incredible, while supporting women’s health causes. Our first product, CAKES is the first non-adhesive silicone nipple pastie designed for workout, swim, and everyday lifestyle. We don’t use any adhesives, so our nipple covers grip the skin naturally with your body’s heat under any snug fitting top. For every product sold, CAKES body donates $1 to support Breast Cancer Research.  

Taylor & Casey holding their CAKES product
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