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CAKES Body: Nipple Covers for Every Cup Size - Seamless Comfort and Confidence

For years Casey and I joked about how ridiculous the pads inside of workout tops and swimsuits are – always getting crumpled and falling out. We knew we could design something better. We spent years starting and stopping, with a few wrong turns exploring other ideas – oh and sprinkle in a cease and desist from a large sports ware brand – and all of this resulted in years going by between the inception of the idea to the launch of CAKES.    



At CAKES Body, we understand that one size does not fit all. That's why we offer three distinct sizes to cater to a wide range of cup sizes, ensuring that every woman can find the perfect fit.

  1. CAKES Itty Bitty (8cm diameter): For those in the AA to A cup range, CAKES Itty Bitty is your go-to choice. With an 8cm diameter, these petite wonders provide seamless coverage and comfort. They're like a second skin, giving you the confidence to wear whatever your heart desires.
  2. CAKES OG (10cm diameter): Our OG size is the middle child of the CAKES family. With a 10cm diameter, they're designed to cater B-DD spectrum of cup sizes while offering the same smooth, seamless coverage that CAKES is known for.
  3. CAKES (+) (13cm diameter): When you need a bit more coverage without compromising on comfort, CAKES (+) is the answer. With a 13cm diameter, these larger-than-life nipple covers are perfect for triple DDD and up those who want the ultimate in smooth, seamless coverage.
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  1. Comfort First: Unlike traditional nipple covers that use irritating adhesives, CAKES Body relies on the natural heat of your body to grip the skin gently. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a snug, comfortable fit.
  2. Hassle-Free Removal: With CAKES Body, you won't have to deal with sticky residue after removal. Our covers leave your skin feeling as clean and smooth as when you first applied them.
  3. Skin Safety Guaranteed: We use only 100% medical-grade silicone for our nipple covers. Extensive skin safety and toxicity testing ensure that our products are safe for even the most sensitive skin.
  4. Invisible Confidence: Thanks to our seamless design, CAKES Body nipple covers remain invisible under snug tops, giving you the confidence to wear whatever you like.


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CAKES Body is more than just nipple covers; it's a revolution in comfort and confidence. No matter your cup size, you deserve to feel your best, and CAKES is here to help you achieve that. Our diverse range of sizes and patent-pending design ensure that you get the coverage you need without compromising on comfort. We're proud to say that with every order, CAKES Body donates $1 to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester. Your purchase not only supports your comfort and confidence but also contributes to vital research and advocacy efforts for breast cancer. It's our way of giving back and making a positive impact. Say goodbye to adhesive woes, discomfort, and visible lines. Embrace the CAKES Body revolution and experience a world where coverage and confidence know no bounds.


CAKES body is a female-founded brand dedicated to creating alternatives to the traditional bra that make women feel incredible, while supporting women’s health causes. Our first product, CAKES is the first non-adhesive silicone nipple pastie designed for workout, swim, and everyday lifestyle. We don’t use any adhesives, so our nipple covers grip the skin naturally with your body’s heat under any snug fitting top. For every product sold, CAKES body donates $1 to support Breast Cancer Research.  

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