CAKES(+) (DDD+): Caramel


Caramel CAKES(+) are perfect for medium skin tones & size DDD or larger ta-tas.

These are the largest, most seamless nipple covers on the market (13cm), and designed specifically from feedback from our amazing customers, looking for more coverage

  • "Grippy not sticky" - Intended for wear under SNUG FITTING clothing - sports bra, swimwear, body suits, form fitting dresses, etc.
  • High quality silicone is gentle on the skin and naturally adheres under any bra or workout top, using the body’s natural heat
  • Non-adhesive, washable design makes CAKES easy to use again and again
  •  Original design (patent pending) allows for a seamless fit on any breast size
  • 13cm in diameter 
  • Packaging: every set of CAKES comes with a breathable, mesh carrying case and a reusable box for gifting 
  • Care: wash with soap & water, pat dry

Size note for our DD ladies: several of our DD customers are on the border of CAKES OG & CAKES(+): CAKES OG will fit you more like a nipple cover, but CAKES(+) will give more coverage. 

"I was skeptical of these at first, but I wore them for hours, forgot they were there, and there were no lines no rearranging. I'm obsessed!"
— Amanda
"I love my cakes! I've been looking for a sticky bra that doesn't get gross, and doesn't stick out. I'm on the smaller side, and I'm now so comfortable wearing bra-less shirts!"
— Kristen
"I don't understand the magic, but WOW I am so thankful to have found these. They are so durable, and the best part is they don't leave that sticky layer feeling!"
— Jasmine