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These Premium Nipple Covers Made 13,000+ Women Throw Away Their Bras

Discover CAKES, the comfortable nipple covers that replace traditional bras and make every day feel like a no bra day!

Nobody will notice you have them on

They don't hurt your skin

Grippy not sticky - reuse them 100s of times

"If you are a woman and you do not own CAKES, you are truly missing out on a world of opportunities"

- Kristen

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13,000+ Women Are Ditching Their Bras For CAKES - Here's Why


Bras Aren't Comfortable

Bras that don’t fit correctly can cause discomfort, including pain in the neck, shoulder and chest muscles.


They Can Cause Irritation

Non-breathable bras (most bras) or bras that are too tight can cause skin irritation or even lead to conditions like heat rash.


Visible Bra Lines

Tight bras may show through clothing as unsightly lines or bulges, especially with soft or clingy fabrics.

The Best Nipple Covers You Will Ever Find

Rinse & Reuse

CAKES are washable and reusable, so you can use them 'til you lose them, even after workouts or a swim.

Simply rinse your CAKES in warm water and wash with a gentle soap after use, and either let them air dry, or pat dry. Good as new!

Over 2x The Size of Standard Nipple Covers

Our original CAKES were already 2x larger than other nipple covers on the market, but our new CAKES (+) are officially the largest silicone covers on the market.

The seamless design of CAKES provides coverage and shape, without sacrificing comfort.

Grippy, Not Sticky

Made with 100% medical-grade silicone, CAKES adhere to your body using your natural body heat - not irritating adhesives.

Rest assured knowing that you'll be just as comfortable after a day of wearing CAKES as you were before you even put them on.

Transforming The Lives of 13,000+ Women

Presenting: the Comfortable & Reusable nipple covers that will make you throw your bras in the bin

4.5/5.0 Based on 13,000+ Reviews

CAKES covers



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Completely seamless & comfortable

Made with medical silicone that doesn’t hurt your skin

Reusable, waterproof and sweatproof

$1 donated from every order to breast cancer research


Size Guide

Itty bitty

Cup size: AA-A


Cup size: B-DD

Cakes +

Cup size: DDD+







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$1 Donated Every Order To Breast Cancer Research

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Don't Just Take It From Us:

Can’t live without them

I wear unlined bras because I don’t want any more bulk added to my chest but nippin’ has always made my clothing choices very difficult😞 these have seriously made my life so much easier and I wear them basically every day!

-Kirstin S.

Verified Buyer


So useful and practical 🙌🏼 I literally wear them everyday and tossed out all of my liners in sports bras bc these replace all of those and look/work so much better!! It’s so nice that you can just get 1 pair and don’t have to keep re-buying them. I love them so much that I bought another 10 them to give as gifts to all my friends and my sisters.

-Heather B.

Verified Buyer


I seriously have not worn a bra since these CAKES arrived at my house. These nipple covers are comfortable, completely seamless and undetectable under clothing. They are easy to clean and have a nice storage bag and box. I can see these lasting a very long time.

-Amber L.

Verified Buyer

Customer Reviews

Based on 15138 reviews

Worked great for my spaghetti stap sundress! I have tried so many different products and the CAKES take the cake!

Dani Vialpando

i loved that i felt comfortable wearing a thin white top and my nips were not stairing back at wondering eyes, but it was a very sweaty day and they i had to reajust them a few times.
im a little worried about going dancing with them

Lacey Grewe
Wardrobe staple!

As a breast feeding momma, these are a game changer for me!

Best. Nipple Covers. Ever.

I have always had a section in my closet full of shirts I would never wear because every nipple cover and sticky bra looked ridiculous on me. Cakes is the only product I have ever used that makes me feel comfortable in my own clothes. The look is natural, you can have the confidence to dance the night away without feeling them peel off, and the cleaning process is a breeze. I won’t ever be going back to another brand!

It’s okay, expected more

The nipple covers stay on very well, however they are thinner and smaller than I was expected. I am a 36/D and ordered accordingly, but found them to be too small, just like the other cheap ones I currently have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CAKES made of?

CAKES are made out of 100% medical grade silicone, with no irritating adhesives. Silicone is naturally non-toxic and hypo-allergenic material.

CAKES also go through third party toxicity testing to ensure they are super safe, and gentle on your skin.

4.5/5.0 Based on 13,000+ Reviews

Free shipping on all US Orders

A Quick Note From Our Founders

We're Casey & Taylor, co-founders of CAKES body.

We created CAKES in response to a very serious problem ... nipple freak out (or "NFO" as we call it).

We are on a mission to develop innovative, comfortable, flattering alternatives to the traditional bra, that work for ALL body types.

We donate $1 for every order to breast cancer research. With your help, we’ve donated over $500k in the last 3 years, and we are just getting started!

As a small business -. we can't thank you enough for your support!

XO - Casey & Taylor